Winston Blank has not yet accepted our endorsement. 

The photo is used without permission.

  1. Built Chessup into a thriving community, with a number of big chain restaurants and a retail supercenter

  1. Kept title to his mother’s house on Spring St., which makes him eligible to run for Mayor of Verne

  1. Has the support of all four members of the Town Council.  All voted to rezone the parcel where he wants to build a new mall and big box outlet.  Only Mayor St. John voted against (rezoning ordinances require unanimous vote)

  1. Has an M.B.A. from Brooks Business School, Oxford, England

  1. Married for twelve years, no children.  Mrs. Blank prefers to stay out of the limelight

Winston Blank:

Brave members of the Town Council cast

their votes for Mr. Blank’s mall and superstore.

Vernon D’Angelo, Mr. Blank’s Spokesperson,

is highly trustworthy.  We listen to him.

Zerelda Paws (Mr. Blank’s choice for Vice-Mayor*):

  1. Lives in the woods with her family, is very self-sufficient

  1. Has a Ph.D (subject unknown)

  1. Once trapped and killed a live grizzly bear

  1. Enjoys watching tv and driving her kids to pie-eating contests

     * Vice-Mayor is not an elected position, it is merely symbolic

Ms. Paws in her natural habitat.

Tammy Schneider is Treasurer of Pie-Eating Contest Moms for Winston Blank (PECMWB).