During his first term, Garner fulfilled his promise to build a new

Senior Center.  He hired his own company to do it, and word is the sub-contractors were very generous in their campaign contributions!

Hey, check out this truck Garner bought for the Sanitation Dept., from his uncle!  He calls it a “Bulky Item Removal Vehicle”.  When somone pays a relative that much, we call it “graft”!

This is the downtown apartment the Mayor has been living in since our divorce.  It’s owned by the city, and we hear he DOESN’T PAY A DIME IN RENT!  Call the Town Hall now and register a complaint!

Radio Station KXJJ has abruptly endorsed Winston Blank,

and has taken the Mayor’s “Fireside Chats” off the air.  Rumor has it the dispute involves Garner, station owner John Tully, his ex-girlfriend Doris, and a set of missing golf clubs.